Facial Treatments

The face is the mirror of the soul. That's why our treatments provide intensive care to the face, neck and neckline as well as a general feeling of well-being.


Before starting any treatment, we analyze your skin to offer you the care and products that best fit your skin. Contact us and be amazed by the results.


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Hyaluronic acid with Massada

It gives the skin a youthful appearance, achieving a remarkable rejuvenation of the face. It actively delays the effects of aging, regenerates the texture of the skin and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines due to lack of hydration. This innovative treatment is the ultimate solution over time.


It also helps to regenerate the Collagen and Elastin Proteins, keeping them more active, deeply moisturizing and filling the skin.


Hyaluronic acid provides luminosity, hydration and youth to the skin offering the solution over time. For all skin types that begin to present lines of expression and lack of firmness, wrinkles are reduced with this treatment up to 32% improving the elasticity of the skin.



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Facial Hygiene

Facial hygiene is a basic of the aesthetics itself as a beautiful skin must be clean and also because it is the essential step prior to any specific treatment. With this treatment your skin will be clean, stimulated and radiant.


It consists of removing dead cells, environmental and physiological contaminants, thus benefiting the miotic process of cell renewal and preventing the formation of impurities (black spots).


We perform an intense exfoliation and provide active oxygenating principles that lead the skin to its natural balance thus leaving your skin in optimal conditions.


It is highly recommended to do a facial hygiene a month because this way our skin will be much more receptive when applying any cosmetic or facial.

Manual Lifting Effect

Diminishes and prevents lines of expression, wrinkles and increases the lips with this gymnastics naturally. Increase your facial health by improving blood circulation and cellular regeneration.


The Japanese lifting is a facial massage that alternates relaxation exercises with contraction exercises in such a way that the muscles that make up the face and neck, recover the elasticity that has been lost over time.


That your face looks more smooth is due to the improvement of the muscular tone, the increase of the sanguine blood and the cellular regeneration and with this treatment you will obtain these surprising results.


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Ultrasonic Peeling

It recovers the elasticity of the pellet leaving it deeply hydrated. You will notice the results immediately after the first session. Your skin will be completely renewed and clean without imperfections or dead cells and you will feel the softness of looking young and renewed skin.


Treatment indicated for mild wrinkles, soft expression marks, acne scars, open and dirty pores, black and white dots, skin spots, dehydration and photoaging.


The ultrasonic peeling (also known as peeling of last generation) has with a equipment that sends waves and vibrations towards the dermis, being from where it is possible to regulate the intensity. This central equipment is attached to a surgical steel spatula that extracts the impurities.